Hollywood Quality, for Just a Little Money

Film-look instead of video-look: the camera systems of the Stuttgart-based company Kinomatik make it possible to shoot "big films" with a small budget.
Stuttgart, 02.06.2006 | 

Camerapersons all over the world use the film technology of the Stuttgart-based company Kinomatik. In particular, production companies of music videos and daily soaps from the USA, Great Britain, India, Japan and South America use the "Movietube" adaptor system, which makes it possible for anyone to shoot appealing films inexpensively with a normal digital camera. In the meantime, Kinomatik has become a leading supplier of optical ground glass relay systems. Many rental agencies rent out this technology. At the end of April, Jürgen Killenberger, one of the three founders of Kinomatik and himself a cameraman, visited the world’s biggest film technology fair in Las Vegas, to give the "Movietube" more publicity there.

"We started with nothing," says Jürgen Killenberger. Together with his colleagues Frank Wurster and Dietmar Ratsch, he had had the idea of developing, producing and marketing innovative film technology for cameras. All three were very familiar with the sector - and knew what kind of film technology equipment camerapersons wanted. In the middle of the year 2002, the three of them founded the company Kinomatik GbR. The company structure is clear and simple: apart from the founders, the London-based distributor Carey Duffy, who processes all queries and orders, is the most important man. Killenberger, Wurster and Ratsch also continue to work as cameramen.

Professional camerapersons as well as semi-professionals and laypersons can upgrade their digital cameras with the "Movietube" adaptor from Kinomatik and with it, use high-value accessories like objective lenses or field depth devices for 35-millimeter cameras - something inconceivable so far. Thus, the viewer sees a "film-look" quality instead of the "video-look", which is currently very much in demand in the scene. For Kinomatik, it was particularly important to develop "Movietube" as a modular system, which gives the customer some financial flexibility. Thus, the Stuttgarters offer their entry-level model "Movietube LT" for less than 7,000 Euro. It can later be upgraded inexpensively to the "Movietube ST".

Although it would have been cheaper to have at least some parts of the "Movietube" attachment manufactured in India or China, Killenberger, Wurster and Ratsch have made a con-scious decision for "Made in Germany" - "Made in Stuttgart Region", to be more precise. In particular, customers from outside Germany value the fact that each and every part of "Movietube" is made in Germany. The second batch of the Movietube has already been completely sold out - a camera equipment hirer from the USA had reserved most of it in advance.

Since demand is growing continuously, Kinomatik expects significant increases in profits in the coming years. The third batch will consist of 60 adaptor systems, and in addition, there are other products on the drawing board. Roadshows and exhibition participation will make the company even better known. Among the events at which camerapersons will be able to experience the "Movietube" are the film technology fair International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam and the Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles.

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