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The publishing group Thieme Verlagsgruppe from Stuttgart is the world’s market leader in publications related to neurosurgery
24.05.2005 | 

It’s not just in the German-speaking countries that the scientific reference works from the Thieme-Verlag publishing group are standard equipment for doctors, chemists and biologists. They can be recognized at a glance anywhere from the distinctive three-colored stripes in dark blue, light blue and white. With its international publications, Thieme concentrates mainly on fields that are particularly photograph-intensive, such as radiology and neu-rosurgery. In fact, for publications in the subject of neurosurgery, Thieme is the global market leader. The publishing group realizes about 25 percent of its turnover with international activities.

The English range of books and periodicals originates in Stuttgart and in the New York subsidiary founded in 1979. Fifty employees at Thieme New York are responsible for the English publications on the American continent. The Stuttgart-based publishing department takes care of the European foreign countries as well as the Asian and African continents. Even the very successful publication "Prometheus", an expensive, new kind of anatomy atlas, will be published in the year 2005 in English. The focus of Thieme New York is on the development of electronic products, among them the educational software for doctors and scientists, "E-Book-Library".

The core business of the Thieme publishing group, whose origin and heart go back to the publishing house of the same name founded by Georg Thieme in 1886, focuses on the preparation of technical information from the field of medicine and related natural sciences. The program currently encompasses 4,500 available titles and 130 technical periodicals. But the company, which, since 1925, has been owned by the publisher family Hauff, has also made a name for itself with electronic offline and online media, events and services related to the subject of medicine. The Hauffs started afresh in Stuttgart after the destruction of the company’s building in Leipzig, where it was based, in the Second World War. Today, 600 employees are responsible for 500 new publi-cations annually in the book market and for the other activities of the company, achieving a turnover of about 100 million Euros.

The Stuttgart Region
The Stuttgart Region has long been known as the center of Europe’s automotive and industrial machinery industry. More recently, Eurostat, the European Statistical Office, has labeled it "the high-tech capital of Europe". It is the home of global companies including DaimlerChrysler, Porsche and Bosch and also leading universities and private research institutes. It is a region of 2.6 million people and has Germany’s lowest unemployment rate, highest export ratio and the highest number of patents per capita.

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