Perfect sound: whether at the Oktoberfest, on board a ship or in the desert

Fohhn Audio AG from Nürtingen has been developing sophisticated sound systems for almost 25 years
Fohhn Lautsprecher unter extreme Bedingungen am Klein Matterhorn→ zum Bild

Fohhn Lautsprecher unter extreme Bedingungen am Klein Matterhorn

Haus der Wirtschaft Stuttgart - König Karl Halle 2→ zum Bild

Haus der Wirtschaft Stuttgart - König Karl Halle 2

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The members of the band “One Way Ticket”, founded in 1983, were finding that the sound they produced on stage at their concerts was not being reproduced properly by the loudspeaker systems. Also, the systems did not allow for the sound to be adjusted to the surroundings or audience size. They soon found a solution, setting up their own company called Fohhn Audio AG. The Nürtingen-based company has been producing outstanding sound systems and loudspeaker systems ever since. Its clients now include the Paris Opera, the Danish Parliament, MSC Cruises, Abu Dhabi Airport, Berlin’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Oktoberfest in Munich.

In 2001, Fohhn Audio took its first steps toward digitisation. “We were one of the pioneers in digital audio technology in Germany”, says company director Uli Haug. “At the time, nobody believed in the advantages of computer-controlled sound.” Since 2008, Fohhn Audio has been a technology leader in the field of “beam steering”, the precise digital steering of the transmission range of a loudspeaker. Alongside sound technology, Fohhn Audio also focuses on the design of the loudspeaker housing: “On a cruise ship, the loudspeakers have to withstand sunny, hot and wet conditions, while music festivals require particularly sturdy and shockproof equipment”, explains Haug.

Fohhn Audio has many long-standing customers in the Stuttgart Region: The company has equipped conference rooms at Daimler and Porsche, lecture halls at Stuttgart Media University, Baden-Württemberg’s Haus der Wirtschaft and Bix Jazzclub in Stuttgart. “The Stuttgart Region is an excellent location for us, because lots of companies from the metal and electrical industries are located in the immediate vicinity and provide us with top quality”, says Haug. “This is why Fohhn Audio AG will expand its location in the Stuttgart Region further.”